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SPECTREX   777650

Air Shield for SPECTREX SharpEye 40/40 series flame detectors. *** Phased Out ***


The special Air Shield, developed for SharpEye optical flame detectors, allows their installation under tough environmental conditions where they may be exposed to oil vapors, sand, dust and other particulate matter. It enables the connection of a compressed air line to provide an 'air curtain' that helps avoid the accumulation of dirt on the detector window.
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SPECTREX  768005

Protective Cover for SPECTREX SharpEye Mini (20/20) flame detectors.


SPECTREX  768004

Tilt mount for SPECTREX SharpEye Mini (20/20) flame detectors.


SPECTREX  20/20-005

SPECTREX tilt mount for the 20/20MI flame detectors


SPECTREX  787960

Air shield for SPECTREX SharpEye flame detectors.


SPECTREX  787980

Rain cover for SPECTREX SharpEye 20/20MI flame detectors.


SPECTREX  789260-1

Pole mount (U-bolt) - 3" for SPECTREX SharpEye flame detectors (does not include required 40/40-001 tilt mount)


SPECTREX  789260-2

Pole mount (U-bolt) - 2" for SPECTREX SharpEye flame detectors (does not include required 40/40-001 tilt mount)


SPECTREX  794079-9

USB / RS485 converter kit for PC / laptop USB port on 20/20MPI series flame detectors. Includes software.


SPECTREX  794079-5

USB RS485 Harness Kit with RS485/232 converter, used with Spectrex Host software, enables the user to connect to any available PC or laptop to re-configure settings or perform diagnostics on all 40/40 and 20/20 series flame detectors. Includes Host Software.



SPECTREX  888847-1

Spectrex Hydrogen sulfide (H2S) commissioning kit for Quasar 950 Series.


SPECTREX  888810

Emerson HART Hand-Held Diagnostics Unit c/w converter and cable harness (1m), software and manual in case. For SPECTREX SharpEye flame detectors and Quasar 900 gas detectors, certified I.S. (EExia)

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