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Joe Camero ECommerce Entrepreneur
Joe Camero
Miramar Automation LLC
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Are you interested in promoting your products on our platform? If you manufacture, distribute specialty products and need a reseller for North, Latin America and overseas with a world-class Ecommerce platform, we are very interested in becoming your distribution channel.

We are looking for leading brands and complex industrial products of all utilities, from companies of all sizes to provide solutions to our many online visitors and international customers.

Your market is much larger than the good business you do from your own efforts and those of your distributors without Ecommerce infrastructure. There is an untapped market for your products, orders from overseas, people shopping online 24/7/365. But with a strictly internet based market and fulfillment, we are helping companies by making sales for their products that these companies would not otherwise make.

We can get your products highly-ranked online exposure both domestically and overseas that you may in time turn into worthwhile business in-house. Get the business that goes to other makers for frustration of product acquisition, let me help you grow your business by being the scout for markets for your products worldwide.

If your company or product line requires an exclusive Ecommerce platform, we would be happy to work with you and give your company its own branded online storefront.

For more information, please email us at or call us at 281-643-0080

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