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SPECTREX  794079-5


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SPECTREX 794079-5
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USB RS485 Harness Kit with RS485/232 converter, used with Spectrex Host software, enables the user to connect to any available PC or laptop to re-configure settings or perform diagnostics on all 40/40 and 20/20 series flame detectors. Includes Host Software.

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Target detector series
(1) Spectrex USB harness

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Refer to manual TM777050 for programming instructions when using the USB RS485 Harness Kit.

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> SPECTREX FLAME DETECTORS :    10 Items found.

SPECTREX  768005

Protective Cover for SPECTREX SharpEye Mini (20/20) flame detectors.


SPECTREX  768004

Tilt mount for SPECTREX SharpEye Mini (20/20) flame detectors.


SPECTREX  20/20-005

SPECTREX tilt mount for the 20/20MI flame detectors


SPECTREX  787960

Air shield for SPECTREX SharpEye flame detectors.


SPECTREX  787980

Rain cover for SPECTREX SharpEye 20/20MI flame detectors.


SPECTREX  789260-1

Pole mount (U-bolt) - 3" for SPECTREX SharpEye flame detectors (does not include required 40/40-001 tilt mount)


SPECTREX  789260-2

Pole mount (U-bolt) - 2" for SPECTREX SharpEye flame detectors (does not include required 40/40-001 tilt mount)


SPECTREX  794079-9

USB / RS485 converter kit for PC / laptop USB port on 20/20MPI series flame detectors. Includes software.


SPECTREX  888847-1

Spectrex Hydrogen sulfide (H2S) commissioning kit for Quasar 950 Series.


SPECTREX  888810

Emerson HART Hand-Held Diagnostics Unit c/w converter and cable harness (1m), software and manual in case. For SPECTREX SharpEye flame detectors and Quasar 900 gas detectors, certified I.S. (EExia)