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MRU   300900

MRU 300900
MRU SWG 300 Continuous Emissions Monitoring System for measurement of up to 6 gases with NDIR modules and zirconium, paramagnetic or electrochemical cell. Detects Oxygen (O2) 0-25% or 0-21%, Carbon monoxide (CO) 0-100ppm to 0-30000ppm, Nitric oxide (NO) 0-200ppm to 0-5000ppm, Sulfur dioxide (SO2) 0-100ppm to 0-5000ppm, Nitrogen dioxide (NO2) 0-500ppm to 0-1000ppm, Carbon Dioxide (CO2) 0-3% to 0-30%, Sulfur dioxide (SO2) 0-100ppm to 0-5000ppm and Methane (CH4) 0-200ppm to 0-1000ppm. Up to 5 monitoring sites. 8x4-20 mA, 3 alarm relays and RS485 Modbus. IP52.


  • High Accuracy & Reliability
  • Dry Extractive for the Toughest Applications
  • Using complete gas sample conditioning system
  • Available in Standard, Weather-proof and Ex Enclosures
  • Easy Service and Maintenance

The multi-component gas analyzer SWG 300-1 is based on extractive, cold-dry method and uses NDIR modules, which measure continuously, selectively and highly accurately within the ppm range.

NO2 is catalytically converted into NO for true NOx measurements.

Oxygen analysis is based on zirconium oxide cell, paramagnetic cell or "long-life" electrochemical cell.

  • Sampling probes for high temperature or high dust installations MI Single and Dual Heated Sample Lines
  • Gas Conditioning Systems with heated acid mist catch
  • 19" rack Main Control Unit in Multi-stack sampling with auto or manual sequential switching
  • Internal flow rate monitoring and alarming
  • Auto Zero & Auto Calibration
  • 8 Analog and RS485 Modbus outputs
  • PC Data Visualization Software In Easy access, lockable enclosures Rack, weather-proof, or Ex Zone 2
  • Compliance level performance

Measurement componentsMeasuring rangeAccuracyMeasuring cell
O2 Oxygen0 ... 25.0 Vol-%± 0.2 Vol-% abs.paramagnetic
O2 Oxygen0 ... 25.0 Vol-%± 0.2 Vol-% abs.zirconium
O2 Oxygen0 ... 21.0 Vol-%± 0.2 Vol-% abs.electrochemical
NO2 Nitrogen dioxidecatalytic conversion in NO min. 90% conversion efficiency (option)
1-gas infrared benchmin. measuring rangemax. measuring rangelinearity error
CO Carbon monoxide0....100ppm0.......500ppm2 % of full scale
NO Nitric oxide0....200ppm0.......2000ppm2 % of full scale
SO2 Sulfur dioxide0....100ppm0.......1000ppm2 % of full scale
2-gas infrared benchmin. measuring rangemax. measuring rangelinearity error
NO Nitric oxide0....2500ppm0.......5000ppm3 % of full scale
NO2 Nitrogen dioxide0....500ppm0.......1000ppm3 % of full scale
3-gas infrared benchmin. measuring rangemax. measuring rangelinearity error
CO Carbon monoxide0....1000ppm0.......30000ppm3 % of full scale
CO2 Carbon dioxide0....3%0.......30%3 % of full scale
SO2 Sulfur dioxide0....1000ppm0.......5000ppm3 % of full scale
4-gas infrared benchmin. measuring rangemax. measuring rangelinearity error
CO Carbon monoxide0....200ppm0.......1000ppm2 % of full scale
CO2 Carbon dioxide0....4%0.......20%2 % of full scale
NO Nitric oxide0....200ppm0.......1000ppm2 % of full scale
SO2 Sulfur dioxide0....200ppm0.......1000ppm2 % of full scale
CH4 Methane instead of SO20....200ppm0.......1000ppm2 % of full scale
Calculated valuesmg/Nm3, reference to O2, NOx as mg/m3NO2
Repeatability1 % of smallest measuring range
Response time T90approx. 30 seconds of the analyzer sample gas inlet port
Detection limit1% of current measuring range
Zero driftwith AUTOZERO: negligible
Span driftwithout AUTOCAL(option): <2% of measuring range / 2 weeks
Temperature influencemax 2% of measuring range per 10°K
Measured value stabilityThe aforementioned data are valid on condition that ambient conditions (e.g. sample flow, air temperature and pressure) are constant.
Warm-up time1h minimum
Sample gas conditioningintegrated gas cooler with dew point = +3 °C
Sample gas filtrationfiltering particle size < 1μ
Sample gas monitoringflow regulation and supervision, 30 ... 50 l/h
CalibrationBy software, calibration gases for every gas required, instrument air or clean ambient air for auto-zero
Operating temperature41 °F ... +104 °F, max. 90 % rh, non condensing
Storage temperature-4 °F ... +120 °F
Ambient conditionsno use in aggresive, corrosive or very high dust environments hazardous area use only with special equipment (on request).
Displayfull graphic, backlit LCD display
Resolutiondepends on range selection, ppm or %
Data transfer8 channel analog output 4 ... 20 mA, RS 485 digital (modbus RTU)
Alarm relays3x potential free NO contacts
Power supply110 ... 230 Vac / 50 ... 60 Hz / 500 ... 750 W, with heated hose control (option) add 100 W/3.28' (meter)
Internal main fuse10 ... 32 A 10 ... 32 A (dependent upon length of the heated gas sampling line)
Protection classIP 52 (IP 65 for outdoor mounting cabinet)
Weightapprox. 88 lbs. ... 264 lbs. (40 ... 120 kg), depending on system configuration and construction
Dimensions(H x W x D) 39.83" x 23.61" x 22.63" (1012 x 600 x 575 mm) = steel enclosure for indoor mounting (H x W x D) 51.16" x 31.48" x 23.61" (1300 x 800 x 600 mm) = fiber glass enclosure for outdoor mounting
Export Info
Made inGermany
Harmonized Tariff Code (HTC)90279050
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