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Gas Leak and Flame Detectors, Analyzers, Alarm Devices and Calibration Gas

MRU  951002

$10,833.00     Availability: 5 Weeks
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MRU 951002 (1)

MRU SWG 100 BIOGAS Landfill & Biogas Analyzer for measurement of Methane (CH4) 0-100 %, Carbon Dioxide (CO2) 0-100 %, Oxygen (O2) 0-25 %, Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) 0-1000ppm or 0-10,000ppm and Hydrogen (H2) 0-1000ppm with combustible LEL, NDIR and electrochemical cells. Included RS485 Modbus RTU, 1 alarm relay and 1 sampling port. IP54. Optional: 4 x 4-20 mA outputs with 2 alarm relays modules, Ethernet IP and Profibus, Up to 10 monitoring sites.

Part# with Options:        951002
Price with Options:        10,833.00


NDIR Sensor
(1) NDIR Sensor for MRU SWG-100 Biogas
Oxygen Sensor
(2) Oxygen Sensor for MRU SWG-100 Biogas
H2S Sensor
(3) H2S Sensor for MRU SWG-100 Biogas
H2 Sensor
(4) H2 Sensor for MRU SWG-100 Biogas
CO Sensor
(5) CO Sensor for MRU SWG-100 Biogas
Dilution system
(6) Dilution system for MRU SWG-100 Biogas
For #10479 H2S sensor or for #66051 H2S sensor, only in case of H2 presence in the sample gas. Suitable for 0-10,000 ppm H2S range.
Gas cooler
(7) Gas cooler for MRU SWG-100 Biogas
Recommended for samples with high humidity to protect electrochemical sensors, typically above 50% RH.
Additional Sampling Points
(8) Multiple sampling ports switching and monitoring for MRU SWG-100 Biogas
Condensate Catch Pots
(9) Catch pots for MRU SWG-100
As required if multiple sampling ports
Analog Output Modules
(10) Modules with 4x 4-20mA output channels and 2 fail-safe alarm relays for MRU SWG-100
Recommended using one module for each sampling point
Input Power
(11) Input Power voltage for MRU SWG-100
Cabinet Heater 200W
(12) Cabinet 200W heater for MRU SWG-100 Biogas
For use in safe area only
External Control
(13) Analyzer external control to the MRU SWG-100 via 4x contacts
Used to receive external control signals to the SWG-100. This option requires at least one I/O module quad 4-20mA channel 65179, includes 4 to 20mA output
(14) Control network connectivity option for MRU SWG 100
(15) MRU4win for MRU AMPRO/Nova/OPTIMAX
High Pressure Regulator
(16) Internal high pressure regulator option for MRU SWG 100
(17) Commissioning and startup service for MRU SWG-100
Includes travel within the USA, Canada and Mexico, calibration gases.

  Availability 5 Weeks  ]

LANDFILL & BIOGAS ANALYSIS For optimizing production, performance, and reporting

  • Easy installation & start-up
  • Best in Class Accuracy
  • Plug-n-play sensors for simple serviceability
  • Designed with safety in mind

Measuring CH4, CO2, 02, H2S (high & low ranges), H2, plus calculated caloric values

  • Continuous or Semi-continuous operation
  • Efficient gas prep provides fast and reliable measurements Sampling from low suction to high pressure
  • Up to 10 sites monitoring via Time Sharing
  • Fresh air auto zero
  • Multiple inputs / outputs of (4) 4 to 20mA, (2) alarm relays, RS485 Modbus, EthernetIP and Profibus
  • Safety: Monitored ventilation fan, gas flow restrictor, optional %LEL detector and fame arrester In Fast & easy installation: Connect and go with no need for compressed air for dilution
  • Optional Auto Calibration

Easy support and troubleshooting with System Logs

  • System conditions, warnings and faults are logged into an SD Card that can be removed and read on any computer

The ideal solution for...

  • Landfill sites
  • Anaerobic digesters
  • CHP / WTE cogeneration engines
  • Municipal or industrial waste water treatment plants Flare inlet / outlets
  • CPG production
  • Food or animal waste process plants
  • Coal bed methane sites

Measurement componentsMeasuring rangeMeasuring method
CH4 Methane0 – 100 %NDIR
CO2 Carbon dioxide0 – 100 %NDIR
O2 Oxygen0 – 25 %electrochemical, continuous
H2S Hydrogen sulfide LOW0 - 1,000ppmelectrochemical, discontinuous
H2S Hydrogen sulfide HIGH0 - 10,000ppmelectrochemical, continuous
H2 Hydrogen0 - 1,000ppmelectrochemical, discontinuous
Warranty1 Year Analyzer and Sensors
Calculated componentCalorific value: 0 – 50 MJ/m3; MJ/kg
HMI human machine interface3.5” TFT color display
Backlit keyboard, password protected operation
4x analog output 4-20 mA, floating, max. load 500R
2 alarm relays, potential free contacts 24 Vdc/5 A
RS485 digital interface (Modbus RTU)
DIN-rail RS485 / Profibus converter
System safety componentsMonitored cabinet ventilation fan
Stainless steel flow restrictor orifice
Sample gas shut-down solenoid valve
LEL (CH4) monitoring inside cabinet
Sample preparationStainless steel gas fittings with 1/8” ID threads
Electric gas cooler
Teflon particulate filter, internal Viton hosing
Monitored and regulated sample flow 40...60 l/h
Sample inlet pressure: -40 inH2O to +120 inH2O (-100 mbar to +300 mbar)
Sample venting: atmosphere pressure
Cabinet dimensionsAluminum with anti-corrosive structural painting
27.55" x 23.61" x 8.26" (700 x 600 x 210 mm) ( H x W x D ) for wall or rack mounting
Weight / Protection55lbs (25kg) / IP54
Ambient temperature41°F ...113°F (+5°C...+45°C) or -4°F ...113°F (-20°C...+45°C) with cabinet heater
Installation siteIndoor or outdoor (rain and sun shade is mandatory user scope of supply)
Cabinet conditioningContinuous, monitored fan ventilation
Cabinet heater 200 W (option)
Power supplyUniversal 90 - 240 Vac / 47 - 63 Hz / 90 W (300 W with cabinet heater)
Warranty1 Year Analyzer and Sensors
Export Info
Made inGermany
Harmonized Tariff Code (HTC)90279050

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PORTAGAS  CYL-90403365

Calibration Gas Methane/Biomethane/Biogas (CH4) 50% VOLUME Balance Nitrogen, 100 Liter FAL (Flammable Aluminum Cylinder) C-10 Inlet (Made by Portagas)



MRU  66174

MRU Service Kit, set of all filters (routine replacement by user) for SWG 100 Biogas/Landfill analyzer.


MRU  65426

MRU Service Kit, set of particulate filter, activated carbon filter, purafil filter, replaceable hose set for condensate pump for SWG 100 Biogas/Landfill analyzer. Consumable parts set for one year operation



Biogas Calibration Gas for biogas analyzers: 500ppm Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S), 39% Carbon Dioxide (CO2), 60% Methane (CH4), Nitrogen Balance, 116 Liter, C-10 Inlet, Aluminum Cylinder, 1000 PSI


MRU  951010

MRU SWG 100 BIO COMPACT Semi-Continuous Biogas Analyzer for measurement of Methane (CH4) 0-100 %, Carbon Dioxide (CO2) 0-100 %, Oxygen (O2) 0-25 % and Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) 0-2000ppm or 0-4000ppm, Hydrogen (H2) 0-1000ppm. Up to 3 monitoring sites. Suitable for harsh industrial environments. RS485 Modbus RTU. Optional 4x4-20 mA, 2 alarm relays and Profibus/EthernetIP Networking. IP54. Includes sample pump, condensate trap with draining pump, auto zero solenoid valve, TFT display and universal power supply.



MRU  947017US

MRU NOVA PLUS BIO Portable Biogas and Combustion Analyzer for measurement of up to 8 gases simultaneusly, includes long life (4-5 years) O2 [0-25%], CH4 sensor [0-100%], CO2 sensor [0-60%], H2S sensor [0-2000ppm] and gas cooler. Optional Biogas pressure measurement [0-±300 mbar], electrochemical CO (H2 compensated), NO, NO2 and H2S. Supports up to 5 electrochemical sensors. IP20. Includes Li-ion battery (up to 20 hours), 3.5" TFT backlit display, Built-in printer, optional Bluetooth, USB port, SD card reader, charger and transport case.