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Gas Leak and Flame Detectors, Analyzers, Alarm Devices and Calibration Gas

DETCON  967-P25520-01K

DETCON 967-P25520-01K (1)

Detcon PI-701 Universal "Smart" Gas Sensor with Photo Ionization Detector (PID) technology for Benzene 0-1000ppm. 4-20mA and Modbus RS-485 outputs. 316 Stainless Steel Housing. Built-in numeric display. Water-Proof, Corrosion-Proof and Vibration-Proof. NEMA4X. IP66. CSA (Class I Div 1) and ATEX Approvals.

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Detcon Model PI-700 is a non-intrusive “Smart” sensor that use photo-ionization detector technology to monitor VOC gases over ranges from 0-10 ppm to 0-5,000 ppm. There is also a special 0-500 ppb version available. In the PI-700 sensor design, Detcon has successfully converted the sensitive laboratory style PID technology into a rugged, environmentally insensitive, and long-life industrial gas sensor. The plug-in, field replaceable detector features over-sized gold-plated connections that help prevent corrosion. The PI-700’s rugged framework includes an electro-polished 316 stainless steel housing with fully encapsulated electronics and dual layer surge protection. This innovative design virtually eliminates sensor failure due to water ingress, corrosion, vibration, and transient spikes. A primary feature of the Model PI-700 is embedded intuitive software that simplifies operator interface by guiding the user through routine calibration, configuration, and fault diagnostic functions using a built-in alpha/numeric display. The Model PI-700 is equipped with standard analog 4-20mA, and ModbusTM RS-485 outputs. Among its unique features is a wireless option that can be used with Detcon’s SmartWireless® product line. Additional integration options include a Remote Alarm Module (RAM), HART, and Foundation Fieldbus. Detcon’s PID sensors have a long shelf life and are supported by an industry leading warranty.

Features Failsafe User-Friendly Interface
  • LED Display (With Antiglare Cover)
  • Full Text Display Method
  • Non-intrusive Interface
  • Auto Zero/Auto Span
  • Pre-emptive Fault Diagnostics
Environmentally Bulletproof
  • Electropolished 316SS Construction
  • 100% Epoxy Encapsulated Circuitry
  • Bulletproof I/O Protection
  • Water-Proof, Corrosion-Proof, Vibration-Proof
Modular and Serviceable
  • Modular Design
  • Plug and Play Components
  • Quick Thread Release (For Sensor Replacement)
  • Integral Calibration Port
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Power plants
  • Chemical industry
  • Air quality
  • Refineries and petrochemical plants
  • Solvent recovery systems
  • Waste water treatment plants
  • Marine and off-shore oil wells
  • Pulp and paper industry
  • Painting and coating operations

System Specifications
Sensor TypeContinuous diffusion/adsorption
Photo Ionization Detector (PID)
Plug-in replaceable intelligent type (with replacement lamp)
Sensor Life 2 years typical
Measurement RangeGas Dependent, ranges as low as 0-10 ppm or as high as 0-5,000ppm (consult Detcon) Special Low Range 0-500 ppb
Accuracy/Repeatability±10% of reading or ±2% of range (greater of )
Response TimeT50 <30 seconds; T90 <60 seconds
OutputsLinear 4-20 mA DC
Electrical ClassificationExplosion proof
Class I, Division 1, Groups B, C, D (Tamb = -20°C to +50°C)
Class I, Zone 1, Group IIB+H2
II 2 G Ex d ib IIC T4 Gb (Tamb = -20°C to +50°C)
Ingress ProtectionNEMA 4X, IP66
Safety ApprovalsC CSA US Performance to ISA 12.13.01-2000 and CSA 22.2 #152
CE Marking
WarrantyPlug-in cell - 1 year; Transmitter - 2 Years
Environmental Specifications
Operating Temperature Range-4°F to +122°F; -20°C to +50°C
Storage Temperature Range-4°F to +122°F; -20°C to +50°C
Operating Humidity Range0-100% RH non-condensing
Mechanical Specifications
Dimensions7"H x 2.2" Dia.; 178mmH x 65mm Dia. (sensor assembly only)
11"H x 6.1"W x 3.75"D; 280mmH x 155mmW x 96mmD (with junction box)
Mounting holes (J-box) 5.5"; 140mm center to center
Weight2 lbs; 0.907kg (sensor only)
6 lbs; 2.72kg (w/aluminum j-box)
9 lbs; 4.08kg (w/stainless steel j-box)
Electrical Specifications
Power Input10-30 VDC
Power ConsumptionNormal operation = 68mA (<1.7 watt)
Maximum = 85mA (2 watts)
Inrush Current1.67A @ 24V
RFI/EMI ProtectionComplies with EN61000
Analog OutputLinear 4-20mA DC (1,000 ohms max loop load @ 24VDC)
0mA: All Fault Diagnostics
2mA: In-Calibration
4-20mA: 0-100% full-scale
22mA: Over-range condition
Serial RS-485 OutputRS-485 ModbusTM RTU
Baud Rate9600 BPS (9600,N,8,1 Half Duplex)
Status Indicators4-digit LED display with gas concentration
Full-script menu prompts for AutoSpan
Set-up Options, and Fault Reporting
Faults MonitoredLoop, Input Voltage, Zero, Missing Sensor, Processor, Memory, Calibration
Cable RequirementsPower/Analog
3-wire shielded cable
Maximum distance is 13,300 feet with 14 AWG
Serial Output
2-wire twisted-pair shielded cable specifically for use with RS-485 installations
Maximum distance is 4,000 feet to last sensor
I/O ProtectionOver-voltage, Miswiring, EMI/RFI Immunity
Export Info
Made inUnited States
Harmonized Tariff Code (HTC)9027102000

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DETCON  377-P20000-01K

Detcon Photo Ionization plug-in sensor for PI-701-1K (0-1000ppm)

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Macurco Ex Series Explosion Proof Catalytic Bead Gas Detector for detection of Benzene (C6H6) 0-100%LEL. Includes 4-20 mA Output, 3 Onboard Relays, Modbus RS-485 Communication and LCD Digital Display. Aluminium Enclosure. IP66. CSA approvals for Class I Division 2.



RC SYSTEMS  1200ALD-109027/0010PP

RC Systems SenSmart 1200 gas detector for Benzene (C6H6) 0-10ppm to 0-2000ppm with 'ST-48' smart transmitter. PID sensor. 3-Wire bridge. 10-30 VDC. Aluminum or Stainless Steel enclosure. Suitable for Class 1 Div 1 (Explosion Proof).



RC SYSTEMS  35001AL-0-9027/0010P/L0

RC Systems SenSmart 3500 3 wire gas detector for Benzene (C6H6) 0-10ppm to 0-2000ppm with 'ST-48' smart transmitter with 10.0eV PID sensor. Includes Graphic LCD Display, LED indicator and 4-20mA output. 10-30 VDC. Aluminum or Stainless Steel enclosure. Suitable for Class 1 Div 1 (Explosion Proof).




Ion Science Tiger Select handheld detector for Benzene and Total Aromatic Compounds (TACS) with PID sensor (up to 20000ppm). 10.0 eV Krypton lamp. Humidity resistant, rapid and accurate. IP65. Includes Li-ion battery, USB port, backlit keypad and data logger. ATEX, IECEx, UL and CSA approvals.