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SIMTRONICS   499-815712

Simtronics Sun Shade for GD10P Infrared Gas Detector

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SIMTRONICS  599-904176

Cap, cover for the gas test nozzle for Simrad GD10P. Calibration test cup.


SIMTRONICS  499-816584

Rear cover kit, composite for Simrad GD10P.


SIMTRONICS  499-813397

Mosquito Set assembly for Simrad GD10P, stainless steel 316


SIMTRONICS  499-810874

Simtronics Sample Flow Housing for GD10P Infrared Gas Detector, airtight chamber for sampling systems. Also used for calibration test.


SIMTRONICS  499-811938

Simtronics Duct Flange Tube Kit for GD10P Infrared Gas Detector



Simtronics remote controller portable handheld terminal communicating with the SIMTRONICS DMiTT, DMITO, DMTX, DMTK, DMTT, DMTV of the series 60, 61, 62, 63, 64 and 65, TI 40 (IREX) and TV 50 (UVIR) family of remote sensors and the DMIRT, DMIRO, DMRX, DMRK,DMRT et DMRV family of SIMTRONICS network remote sensors of the series 60, 61, 62, 63, 64 and 65, intrinsically safe for use in explosive areas. Includes batteries and charger. (US/UK/AU adapters available on request, please specify when you place your order)


SIMTRONICS  140-816580

Simtronics Hand Held Terminal for GD10P Gas Detector



SIMTRONICS LT15 handheld Test lamp for Multi-Flame flame detector (with charger). ATEX II 2 G Ex d IICT6-T5h Certified Test Lamp suitable for Simtronics DFTV7, DMSV6 and DMTV6 series of MultiSpectrum Optical Flame Detectors covering both Triple IR (IR3) and UV/2IR. IP66/IP67



SIMTRONICS Alignment Kit for GD1 Toxic Open Path gas detector, includes laser pointer, alignment interface unit (AIU), safety glasses and other accessories.

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