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FHF   11264304

FHF 11264304


$1,228.73  [9 Weeks]
FHF 11264304 headset for weatherproof Telephone ResistTel. Includes dynamic receiver insets, noisecompensating electret nearfield response microphone, 80 cm cord with connecting plug, 14 m long connecting cord, M20 x 1.5 Cable gland, bracket and screws.


   9 Weeks  ]


The Headset-Kit permits the connection of a headset to the weather-resistant telephone ResistTel. The headset improves essentially the communication in ambient noise areas.

It protects against harmful ambient noise. It permits telephone communication during activities where both hands are needed

The kit consist of:

  • Headset with dynamic receiver insets, noisecompensating electret nearfield response microphone with windshield and gooseneck, as well as 80 cm smooth cord with connecting plug.
  • A14 m long connecting cord with a connecting jack at one end and with wireends with wireend sleeves at the other end to connect to the ResistTel.
  • Cable gland M20 x 1.5 to lead the connecting cord into the ResistTel.
  • bracket and screws to hang up the connecting cord and the headset.

onnect the plug of the headset to the jack of the connecting cord and put on the headset. Adjust the height of each headset muff equally on both sides while holding the headband down on the top of the head until the ear cushions have a light and comfortable fit. The headband should sit straight and comfor table on the top of the head. Adjust the flexible gooseneck so that the microphone is positioned at a distance of approximately 5 mm (0.2”) in front of your lips. Optimal voice transmission and the best possible noise compensation are then provided.

If the headset has been connected correctly, the headset mode replaces the handsfree mode of the ResistTel. For this reason the handsfree mode of the ResistTel is not possible with connected headset. If you switch on the ResistTel with the loudspeaker key you are operating in headset mode. With the +/- keys of the ResistTel you can change the receiving volume of the headset for the actual conversation. If you want to change the receiving volume of the headset permanently use the ResistTel menu „SETTINGS_HEADSET VOLUME“.

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