Gas Leak and Flame Detectors, Analyzers, Alarm Devices and Calibration Gas
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GDS  1200-0265


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GDS carrying case only for Calibration kits


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> GDS FIXED DETECTORS :    8 Items found.


Stainless steel detector ID tag.


GDS  20-0252

GDS Echem / Bridge junction box wiring PCB Assembly


GDS  20-0119

GDS MODBUS junction box wiring PCB assembly


GDS  1200-NBJB

GDS Modbus wiring junction box for GasMax II gas detectors and GDS-58XP


GDS  1200-0287

Regulator, 0.5 LPM for GDS 17DS calibration gas detectors.


GDS  1200-0263

Regulator, 1.0 LPM for GDS Corp 58 & 103L calibration gas detectors.


GDS  1200-0262

Regulator, 0.5 LPM for GDS Corp 58 & 103L calibration gas detectors.



GDS GDS-49 single channel loop-powered (two-wire) sensor transmitter for toxic / oxygen deficiency applications. Two-wire, non-polarized 4-20mA output. Field-replaceable sensor module. Easily interfaced to all GDS Corp controllers with analog inputs.