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HONEYWELL 05701-A-0313
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Honeywell Zellweger System 57 Modbus Interface Module Kit-RS 232 *** Phased Out ***

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Original part made by Honeywell Analytics

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> INTERFACE MODULES :    4 Items found.

HONEYWELL  05701-A-0120

Honeywell Zellweger System 57 Engineering Interface cable to connect the Engineering card to a laptop (via DB9 connector). *** Phased Out ***


HONEYWELL  05701-A-0339

Honeywell Zellweger System 57 Master Alarm Update Panel *** Phased Out ***


HONEYWELL  05701-A-0309

Honeywell Zellweger System 57 Master Alarm Update Module Kit *** Phased Out ***


HONEYWELL  05701-A-0314

Honeywell Zellweger System 57 Event Print Module Kit-RS 232 *** Phased Out ***