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FHF  11264506


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FHF 11264506
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FHF InduTel LED Weatherproof Analogue Telephone for indoor and outdoor use (With visual indication). Syntetic Housing with protection door. Connector for secondary call bell. IP66 (IEC60529). UL Certification Available.

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(1) Color for FHF Indutel LED
(2) Certification for FHF InduTel

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  • Protection degree IP 66 IEC 60529
  • Ambient temperature -25°C up to +55°C
  • Protection door yellow, red or transparent
  • PIN for modifications of the settings
  • Receiver can be boosted
  • Connector for secondary call bell
  • Version with optical call indicator

The telephone InduTel of FHF is as stylish for indoor use as it is resistant for outdoor use in areas without explosive atmospheres. The new InduTel is the ideal telephone for many different work areas – seawater, high air humidity, dust and not exactly gentle mechanical stress are no problem for it.

Through the protection-door, the hand- set and keypad are always perfectly protected against contaminations. InduTel LED: In case of an incoming call the handset rest starts blinking. If the handset ist lifted up the illumination will switch to the keypad.

Technical specification
Connection data
Supply voltage24...66 Vdc
Supply current19... 100 mA
Ringing alternating current30...90 Vac
Ringing frequency16.. 68 Hz
Sounder input impedance≥ 6.0 k Ω at 25 Hz
≥ 3.5 k Ω at 50 Hz
Enquiry key (flash)only for DTMF 80 ms, 120 ms, 600 ms
Dialling procedure (DTMF)Frequencies according to ITU-T Q.23
Tone duration unlimited or 90 ms
Dialling procedure (PD)Pulse/Pause ratio
1.5:1 (60/40 ms) or 2:1 (66.7/33.3ms)
Ringing volumehousing cover open Approx.90 dB(A)at 1 m distance
housing cover closed Approx.65 dB(A)at 1 m distance
Secondary telephone bell connectorW, W1
Height x Width x Depth330 x 237 x 110 mm
Weight2.3 kg (Telephone incl.telephone bracket)
Operating utilization positionVertical wall mounting
MouthpieceElectret-foil microphoner
Receiver insetdynamic receiver
ConnectionsSingle or multiwired up to 2.5 mm
Labelling Power cableTCP/La, TCP/Lb
(TCP:Terminal Connection Point)
Ambient operating temp.-25°C...+55°C
Transport and storage temp.-25 °C ...+70 °C
Degree of protection acc. to IEC60529IP 66 (closed door)
Cable glands for cable diameters2x M16 x 1.5
5 – 9 mm

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FHF  11264501

FHF InduTel Weatherproof Analogue Telephone for indoor and outdoor use. Syntetic Housing with protection door. Connector for secondary call bell. IP66 (IEC60529). UL Certification Available.