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ID Type Description Vendor Class
1700 Detection of Fumigants with mPower MPOWER PAPER
1305 Felix f-750 Application Note Shepard Avocado FELIX CASE
1160 Felix F-750 set as standard by the Australian Mango Industry Association FELIX NEWS
1195 Felix F-920 Applied Food Science Debuts Headspace Gas Analyzer FELIX NEWS
1205 Felix How View Fresh is using the F-950 FELIX CASE
552 GDS excess carbon dioxide monitor in fermentation room/brewery GDS CASE
1089 GDS Deluge System GDS CASE
1091 GDS Internal Combustion Engine Monitor GDS CASE
1090 GDS Offshore GDS CASE
1092 GDS Railcar Unloading GDS CASE
1088 GDS Refinery Challenge GDS CASE
551 GDS Wireless gas detection system for hydrogen cyanide GDS CASE
1325 Spectrex Discontinuation of the 20/20SI IR3 flame detector and replaced by 40/40I SPECTREX NEWS
572 Spectrex SharpEye 40/40I Protects Brussels International Airport Hangars SPECTREX NEWS
1086 Spectrex Hejre Oil Field Protected by Triple IR SPECTREX NEWS
1034 Spectrex 2020MI Protects Jem Mall SPECTREX NEWS
639 Spectrex SharpEye 40/40I Protects OMV Petrom SPECTREX NEWS
1035 Spectrex SafEye 300 Series Protects Pharmaceutical Plant SPECTREX NEWS
1087 Spectrex SharpEye Selected for Rail Yard SPECTREX NEWS
1174 Spectrex Detectors Installed in Worlds Largest Refinery SPECTREX NEWS
574 Spectrex SharpEye 40/40I Protects Rubis Tank Terminal SPECTREX NEWS