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Oldham iTrans 2 Fixed Gas Detector with electrochemical smart sensor for Phosphine (PH3) 0-1 ppm. 4-20mA optional RS-485 Modbus/HART and 3 alarm relay outputs. Explosion-proof NEMA 4X Enclosure. IP66. CSA, ATEX and IECEx Approvals.

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Sensor Configuration
(1) Sensor Configuration for Oldham iTrans 2
Gas Sensor
(2) Gas Sensor for Oldham iTrans 2 (PH3)
(3) Output for Oldham iTrans 2

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  • Large Sensor Offering – Electrochemical, Catalytic and Infrared
  • Non-Intrusive Calibration
  • Smart Sensor
  • HART (optional)
  • RS-485 Modbus
  • Programmable Relays (optional)
  • Dual Gas Sensing (optional)
  • Oil and Gas Industry
  • Offshore Drilling
  • Utilities and Power
  • Petrochemical Industry
  • Municipal Water and
  • Waste Treatment
  • Food and Beverage Production

The iTrans 2 is available with sensors for most common gases including: Infrared, CO 2 , Catalytic Bead Combustible and electrochemical sensors. It can support simultaneous detection from two sensors, either directly attached to the display, or remote sensors.

  • The iTrans 2 can be configured to meet nearly any application through its state-of-the art features and options.
  • Explosion-proof
  • HART (optional)
  • RS-485 Modbus
  • Stainless Steel Enclosure (optional)
  • Programmable Relays (optional)
  • 3-wire, 4-wire Installations
  • Dual Gas Sensing (optional)
  • Remote Sensing (optional)
  • Large Sensor Offering – Electrochemical, Catalytic and Infrared
Easy to use
  • Smart Sensor
  • Non-Intrusive Calibration
  • Dual-channel split-screen LED display
Other features and benefits
  • Dual Gas Sensing: The iTrans 2 can detect and display up to two gases on certain models. Both gas sensors may be mounted directly to the transmitter, or may be mounted remotely.
  • Wide Sensor Offering: The iTrans 2 supports Electrochemical, Catalytic Bead and Infrared sensors. The iTrans 2 is available for most common industrial gases, allowing of standardization for your gas detection equipment.
  • Smart Sensors: The iTrans 2‘s smart sensors come factory pre-calibrated and automatically send sensor information, such as sensor life, to the transmitter. A sensor life indicator is displayed immediately after each calibration.
  • Dual-channel split-screen LED display: For optimum visibility in dark places
  • Non-Intrusive Calibration: The iTrans 2‘s non-intrusive interface keys operate with a simple magnetic wand and allow for full transmitter configuration and calibration without opening the unit’s explosion-proof housing.
  • Programmable Relays: The microprocessor-controlled transmitters are capable of independent operation or multi-point system configuration. With optional on-board relays, the monitor has the added ability of stand-alone operation, activating alarms, horns or fans, and can also shut down a system without the need to wire back to a central control panel.
  • Multiple Wiring Options: The iTrans 2 can be configured to meet almost any installation application. Common configurations includes: 3-Wire (4-20mA) Models - Allow for full utilization of the iTrans 2‘s features and options and can be used with all of the iTrans 2‘s sensors / 4-Wire (Digital ModBus) Models - Allows for full utilization of the iTrans 2‘s features and options and can be used with all of the iTrans 2‘s sensors.
  • HARTTM Communication Protocol: With the optional HART Communication Protocol, the iTrans 2 offers remote diagnostics, set-up or calibration by super - imposing a high-frequency current across the industry standard 4-20mA analog line.
  • Stainless Steel Enclosure: An optional stainless steel enclosure for corrosive environments.

Technical specifications
SensorsCombustible Gases: Catalytic, Infrared
Toxic / Oxygen: Electrochemical, Infrared (CO2)
Warranty from date of shipment2 years on electronics
3 years on infrared sensors (CO2)
2 years on catalytic (LEL), CO and H 2 S sensors
18 months on O2 sensors
12 months on other sensors
Detected GasesSee Ordering Guide
MaterialEpoxy Coated Aluminium or 316 Stainless Steel
DisplayDual-channel split-screen LED display (4 digit, 7 segment arrangement per channel) provides simultaneous display of one or two gases.
Input voltage12-28VDC operating range
(24VDC typical)
Power Consumption150mA@24VDC (Electrochemical sensor)
250mA@24VDC (Combustible gases catalytic) 0.8A peak (single gas)
170mA@24VDC (Infrared) 0.5A peak (single gas)
350mA@24VDC (Combined catalytic/Infrared) 1,2A peak (two gas)
Ingress ProtectionNEMA 4X, IP66
Response Time (catalytic methane)T50: < 10 seconds
T90: < 30 seconds
Humidity Range10-90% RH (non-condensing), typical
Temperature range(sensor specific)
-40°C to +75°C (-40°F to +167°F)
Dimensions127 x 153 x 129 mm (5.0” x 6.0” x 5.1”), 2.9 Kg (6.4 lbs)
Cable3-wire or 4-wire
Maximum Cable Loop15 Ohm (3-wire configs)
10 Ohm (4-wire configs)
Output Signal:Standard: 4-20mA (source)
+ RS-485 Modbus (9600 baud)
Optional: HART Protocol
Alarm relays (opt)3 alarm relays (5 Amps at 30VDC)
Two user-programmable relays, SPST, N.O.
One fault relay, SPST, N.C.
Homologations Sensor SpecificCSA US *
Class I, Div 1, Groups B, C, D
Ex d IIB + H2 T5
AEx d llB + H2T5 (1)
Class I, Div 2, Groups A, B, C, D (2)
II 2G - Ex db IIB + H2 T5 Gb (1)
II 3G - Ex na IIC T5 Gc (2)
GYB15.1621X - Ex d IIB + H2 T5 Gb
GB15322.1-2003 Fire protection
Export Info
Made inChina
Harmonized Tariff Code (HTC)9027102000

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MPOWER  M001-0016-000

mPower UNI MP100 Portable Single Gas Detector for detection of Phosphine (PH3) 0-20ppm. Includes large LCD display, 6 Bright Red Flashing LED, Vibrating and 90dB Audible Alarm Port. IP67, Event Logger, UL approval for Class I Div 1.



Honeywell BW Solo Serviceable Single-gas Detector for Phosphine (PH3) 0-5 ppm. Small and lightweight. One button operation. Visual, vibrating and audible alarms. Optional wireless version. IP66/68. ATEX, IECEx and CSA approvals for Class I Div 1.




BW GasAlertExtreme Portable detector with gas concentration readout for Phosphine (PH3) 0-5.0 ppm.



RAE  G02-B910-100

ToxiRAE Pro PGM-1860 Personal Portable Monitor For Phosphine (PH3) 0-20 ppm with replaceable sensor, filter and Li-ion battety. Automatic bumb testing and calibration with AutoRAE 2 (optional). Includes Datalogging, Graphical LCD display, 2 buttons for operation and programming. CSA, ATEX, IECEx and China Ex Approved. IP-65. Wireless-capable option.



GDS  GDS-49-1-34-02

GDS GDS-49 Remote Gas Detector Transmitter with Stainless steel sensor head configured for Phosphine (PH3) with range 0-5 to 0-10 ppm, Explosion Proof (XP). 2-Wire 4-20 mA transmitter.



GDS  GM/EC-01-34-02

GDS GASMAX/EC 2-Wire Gas Detector with local stainless steel sensor head explosion proof (XP) configured for Phosphine (PH3) with range 0-5 to 0-10 ppm, 4-20 mA output transmitter.



DETCON  961-200026-005G

Detcon DM-100-PH3 Electrochemical Phosphine (PH3) 0-5ppm Sensor Assembly with loop powered display. 4-20 mA. Features intelligent electronices, non-intrusive operator interface and comprehensive fault diagnostics. 316 Stainless Steel Housing with 3/4" NPT thread. XP-instrinsically safe. Class I, Div. 1, Groups A, B, C, & D.



Honeywell Series 3000 MkII Gas Detector Transmitter, with aluminum housing (optional stainless steel) for monitoring PHOSPHINE (PH3) with electrochemical sensor, 2-wire 4-20mA loop, 0-1.2ppm



GDS  GMII-01-034-02/00-000-00/0-0

GDS GASMAX II 3-Wire Gas Detector with local stainless steel sensor head configured for Phosphine (PH3) with range 0-5 to 0-10 ppm, 4-20 mA output transmitter with optional Alarm Relay Board (3x 5A SPDT) and RS-485 Modbus RTU.




Honeywell XNX Universal Gas Detector Transmitter for monitoring Phosphine (PH3) 0-1.2ppm compatible with all Honeywell gas sensing technologies with aluminum housing. 3-wire 4-20mA HART loop, option for Modbus, Foundation H1 Fieldbus, local Hart and relay outputs UL Certified Class 1, Div 1 Groups A, B, C, D / ATEX Zone 1




Macurco Ex Series Explosion Proof Electrochemical Gas Detector for detection of Phosphine (PH3) 0-1ppm or 0-5ppm. Includes 4-20 mA Output, 3 Onboard Relays, Modbus RS-485 Communication and LCD Digital Display. Aluminium Enclosure. IP66. FM and CSA approvals for Class I Division 1.



DETCON  967-192090-005

Detcon DM-700-PH3 Electrochemical "Smart" Phosphine (PH3) 0-5 ppm Sensor Assembly with LED display. 4-20mA and Modbus RS-485 outputs. 316 Stainless Steel Housing. Water Proof, Corrosion Proof, Vibration Proof and Explosion proof. NEMA 4X. IP66. Class I, Div. 1, Groups B, C, & D. CSA and ATEX approvals.


GDS  GMCX-01-34-02/00-00-00/0

GDS GASMAX CX 3-Wire Gas Detector with local stainless steel sensor head configured for Phosphine (PH3) with range 0-5 to 0-10 ppm, QVGA color TFT display, 4-20 mA output transmitter, Ethernet Modbus TCP RJ-45 port with built-in web server. Optional Alarm Relay Board (4x 5A SPDT) and RS-485 Modbus RTU. CSA Certified for Class I, Div 1, Grps B, C, D.



GDS  GM/TX/01-34-02/00-00-00/1-0900

GDS GASMAX TX Stand-Alone Wireless Gas Monitor with stainless steel sensor head and integrated sensor configured for Phosphine (PH3) with range 0-5 or 0-10 ppm. Battery-Powerded. 900 MHz or 2.4 GHz Integrated Modems. LCD Display and Aluminium Housing. FCC and IC approvals.




Oldham iTrans 2 Stand-Alone Gas Detector with electrochemical smart sensor for Phosphine (PH3) 0-1 ppm. 4-20mA. NEMA 4X/IP66 Enclosure to be installed in safe area only (Non-Explosion Proof, no relays nor Modbus/HART available)


GDS  C2-20-034-02/00-000-00/0-0-0-0-0/0-0

GDS C2 2-Channel Gas Detector Integral Alarm Controller with local sensor head with integrated Phosphine (PH3) with range 0-5 to 0-10 ppm with standard 2x 5A SPDT relays, with optional visual-audible alarm, in standard CSA approved, Class I, Division 2 - NEMA 4X non-metallic enclosure 120 VAC, ready to use. With second channel available for optional sensor for EC/Toxic, catalytic, IR or PID sensors.Pushbutton Zero and Span calibration for direct sensors.