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INTEC  MGC2-24-2000


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INTEC MGC2-24-2000
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Intec Controls PolyGard MGC2-24 Multi-Point Gas Detection and Control System for various gas, temperature and humidity detection. Wall Mounted. 24 4-20mA analog inputs, 4 digital inputs, 12 4-20mA analog outputs and 20 relay outputs. LCD Display. 120 VAC. NEMA 4X enclosure. IP65. UL Listed.

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Key Lock
(1) Key Lock for Intec LGC2 & MGC2
(2) Modbus Upwards for Intec MGC2-08, 16, 24
BACnet Options
(3) BACnet Options for Intec MGC2-08, 16, 24

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Wall mounted, microprocessor-based, multi-point, analog electronic control system for various gas, temperature and humidity detection, control and alarm.


To control and alarm upon the presence of any toxic, combustible and refrigerant gases. Any combination of the AT-11/3300 series or other 4-20 mA transmitters can be connected to the control unit. The controller can interface via binary outputs, a 4-20 mA signal, and an optional BACnet coupler with any compatible electronic analog control, DDC/PLC control or automation system.

  • Continuous monitoring
  • Twenty-four (24) analog inputs, 4-20 mA
  • Four (4) digital inputs
  • Twenty (20) relay outputs:
    • Five-stage control
    • Fail-safe assignable
  • Twelve (12) analog outputs, 4-20 mA: Selectable for low, high or averaging
  • One (1) 24 VDC supply output
  • Built-in horn
  • Accepts combination of toxic or combustible gases, refrigerants, temperature or humidity remote sensor inputs
  • Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)
  • LED status indicators
  • Optional BACnet or Modbus upwards communication to BAS
  • Keypad user interface
  • Simple menu-driven programming
  • RFI/EMI protected
  • Modular technology
  • Overload & short-circuit protected
  • NEMA 4X enclosure
  • Easy maintenance

Power supply 120 VAC (90...230 VAC), 50/60 Hz resettable breaker, 24 VAC on request
Power consumption 70 VA, max.
RF/EMI protected 4.0 W @ 3 ft. (1 m) radiated
Type of Control
General Five-stage (S1 to S5) control, assignable up to twenty (20) binary/relay output, i.e.
Low-med-high-fault/fail-horn*, or low1-low2-med1-med2-high, or any other combinations (* = horn/audible alarm built-in and factory pre-configured to relay output “R20”)
Analog inputs Twenty-four (24) 4-20 mA
Analog reading Current and mean (average) value
Stage level / setpoint Field adjustable over full range, five (5) per analog input, assignable to current or mean (average) value
Stage level / setpoint hysteresis/switching differential Selectable for each sensor point
Digital inputs Four (4), each can be individually assigned to any relay (R1...R20).
Digital inputs application Remote audio/visual alarm reset or override function
Relay outputs (R1-R20) w/ status LEDs Twenty (20) SPDT, 8A 24 VAC/VDC-250 VAC contact resistance 100 mΩ, max.
Each stage level (S1-S5) Assignable to any relay
Sensor fail-safe Assignable to any stage level
Time delay switching Selectable for make and brake of each sensor point (SP1 to SP24) 0-9,999 seconds
VDC output supply 24 VDC, 0.5 A fused
Analog output Twelve (12) independent 4-20 mA signal, 500 Ω max. load, selectable as low, high or averaging of sensor inputs
Audible alarm abled 85 db (10 ft), enabled or dis-selectable; assignable to stage level S1, S2, S3, S4 or S5
Alarm acknowledgment Menu-driven and system reset function for latched relays
User Interface
Keypad type Refer to section “User Interface & Controller”
Touch buttons Six (6)
Status LED’s Yellow: Fault (fail) / Red: Alarm
Digital display Liquid Crystal Display (LCD), two lines, 16 characters per line, 1 digit resolution, backlit
Unit display Menu selectable, per sensor; ppm, %LEL, Vol%, °F, %RH, %, ppk, °C
BACnet Interface, optional
Read sensor’s status information via BACnet coupler and BACnet-Profile, BACnet-Services and BACnet BIBBs
Input scaling 0-250 ppm CO: Coupler option “T5-BAC-1-A”
0-100%: Coupler option “T5-BAC-3-A”
Communication TCP/IP 10/100 Mbits/sec
Connector Ethernet RJ45
Interface BACnet-Profile
Description BACnet-Services
“Who-is (execute)”
“I-am (initiate)”
Object types Version B1.2, B2.2
Modbus Interface, optional
Read status Information via Modbus interface and Modbus function 16 and 03
Module Communication Integrated at Controller module 19200 baud
1 start-bit, 8 data-bits
1 stop-bit, no parity
Interface Function 16
Description Function 03
Addresses 1000 to 1098: Current value internal, sensor 1-98
2000 to 2048: Current value external, sensor 1-98
3000 to 3098:Average value internal, sensor 1-98
0 to 6: Relay bits, relay 1 to 30
8 to 19: Analog outputs 1 to 12
Permissible ambient working temperature 23°F to 104°F (-5°C to 40°C)
Permissible ambient storage temperature -4°F to 104°F (-20°C to 40°C)
Permissible ambient humidity 15 to 95% RH, non-condensing
Permissible ambient working pressure Atmospheric + 10%
Enclosure material Polycarbonate, impact resistance EN 50102/IK08,
Enclosure conformity UL Type 1, UL508 standards
Enclosure color Light gray, smoked gray for cover
Enclosure protection NEMA 4X (IP 65)
Enclosure installation Wall (surface) mounted
Dimensions (H x W x D) 22.8 x 12.0 x 5.7 in. (580 x 306 x 145 mm)
Cable entry 10 holes for 1/2 in. conduit, covered
Wire connection Terminal blocks, Push-on connect and screw type for lead wire
Wire size input Min. 22 AWG (0.34 mm 2 )
Max. 16 AWG (1.50 mm 2 )
Wire size output Min. 24 AWG (0.25 mm 2 )
Max. 14 AWG (2.50 mm 2 )
Weight 15.5 lbs. (7.1 kg)
Approvals / Listings
Unit rating NRTL Perf Tested & Certified
Conforms to STD ANSI/UL 2017
City of Los Angeles
VDI 2053, C-No. 418791
EMV-Compliance 89/336/EWG
Enclosure (panel) UL Listed, E75645
Two years material and workmanship

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