Gas Leak and Flame Detectors, Analyzers, Alarm Devices and Calibration Gas
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INDUSTRIAL SCIENTIFIC Equivalent  1810-5122

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INDUSTRIAL SCIENTIFIC Equivalent 1810-5122
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Calibration Gas Carbon Monoxide 50ppm, Propane 50% LEL, Oxygen 18% Balance Nitrogen 100 Liter GAL C-10 Inlet Cylinder (Made by Portagas) (No RFID tag)

Calibration gas is non-returnable

Part# with Options:        1810-5122
Price with Options:        95.04


Flow Regulator
(1) Preset or Adjustable Flow Regulator for Portagas Calibration Gases
Most gas detectors require a constant flow of calibration gas at 0.5 to 1.0 Liters/Min. Verify before ordering.
(2) Inert Hose for Portagas Calibration Gases
Order calibration cup if necessary
Zero Air (Nitrogen-Oxygen mix)
(3) Zero Air Cylinder for Portagas Calibration Kits
Carrying Case
(4) Carrying Case for Portagas Calibration Gases rugged plastic 58L/103L

Availability 3 Days  ]

Quality Assurance:

Each cylinder is labeled with a serial number and expiration date. The stability of each mix is guaranteed to the highest accuracy.

Each cylinder comes with a Certificate of Analysis with Traceability to N.I.S.T.

Portagas cylinders can be used for all of Industrial Scientific applications but do not contain the RFID tag typically attached to ISC cylinders. Manual input may be required if using Portagas Gas with I.S. docking stations.

Portagas P/N 90094763
Shelf Life (Months) 36
Portagas Label, exact replacement of the one produced by Industrial Scientific
Export Info
Made inUnited States
Harmonized Tariff Code (HTC)3822006000
Hazardous MaterialYes

    CASE-BK-90092032 Portagas 2-Cylinder Carrying Case, black rugged plastic with folding handle (58L/103L) ..

    100-12P0.5-90005510-PG Portagas 100 Series 58DS, 103DS, 58DAL, 58 Liter GAL, 34DAL 100-12P 0.50 LPM Flow Regulators for Portagreen, DAL and DS (disposable aluminum and steel) cylinders (preset flow) 3/16" hose barb, C-10 male fitting ( 5/8"-18UNF) ..

    TUBING-90022025 Portagas Tubing/Hose 3 Ft for calibration of gas detectors. Connects flow regulator to calibration cup at sensor head. 3/16" ID Tygon lab grade. ..

    CYL-10004000 Calibration Gas Zero Air (Nitrogen / Oxygen mix), 100 Liter GAL C-10 Inlet Portagreen Aluminium Cylinder. (Made by Portagas) ..

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MSA Equivalent  801051

Calibration Gas Carbon Monoxide 60ppm, Propane 6000ppm (29% LEL), Oxygen 15% Balance Nitrogen Size 100 Liter GAL C-10 Inlet Cylinder (Made by Portagas) (No RFID neck ring)