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ROSEMOUNT  3900-02-10


ROSEMOUNT 3900-02-10
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Rosemount General purpose pH/ORP sensor model 3900 Range: pH: ACCUGLASS 0-14 or ORP: -1500 to +1500 mV with integral cable, molded PPS body chemically resistant, does not require electrolyte (KCl) replenishment or any high maintenance troubleshooting procedures. Optional Variopol VP connector.

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(1) Model 3900 Rosemount pH/ORP sensor
15 Ft or 32 Ft cable only provided with Non-VP sensors
Measuring Electrode
(2) Model 3900 Rosemount pH/ORP sensor
(3) Rosemount Variopol VP sensor connector for 3900 series
(4) Model 3900 Rosemount pH/ORP sensor cable with mating VP8 connector

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  • EXTENDED SENSOR LIFE provided by double junction reference.
  • ENHANCED PERFORMANCE AND INCREASED LIFE with minimized glass cracking provided by field-proven ACCUGLASS™ pH glass formulations.
  • VP8 QUICK CABLE-TO-SENSOR RELEASE, provided by the watertight VP8 multiple-pin connector, eliminates cable twisting.
  • MAXIMUM CHEMICAL RESISTANCE provided by rugged polyphenylene sulfide body, completely sealed to eliminate sensor leakage.
  • NEW 3/4'' AND 1'' MOUNTING SOLUTIONS to meet a variety of application installation requirements.
  • OPTIMUM VERSATILITY WITH VARIOUS MOUNTING OPTIONS provided by one-piece construction with process threads in two places.

General purpose pH/ORP sensor model 3900/3900VP. The double junction reference aids in the sensor’s resistance to harsh environments and helps prolong sensor life. Models 3900 and 3900VP are provided with a double junction reference, which protects the reference element from poisoning ions – such as ammonia, chlorine, cyanides, and sulfides – in the process. Both models are made with porous Teflon® junction positioned near the pH/ORP-sensitive membrane.

The AccuGLASS pH glass formulations exceed industry standards. The AccuGlass pH glass is a result of many years of glass research resulting in a formulation which has been found to increase the life of the sensor. Unlike other pH glasses presently on the market, this glass resists cracking especially at higher temperatures and reduces sodium ion error commonly found in high pH applications. Overall, the AccuGlass formulation enhances the sensor performance to measure pH more accurately and have a longer sensor life than ever before

Model 3900VP is offered with a watertight sensor-to-cable connector which eliminates re-wiring and cable twisting when replacing sensors. The Variopol VP multiple pin connector is an integral part of each sensor model and uses a mating VP cable. Once the cable is installed and wired to the analyzer, sensors are easily replaced without replacing the cable and without rewiring the analyzer. Also the cable can be disconnected from the sensor before removal from the process which eliminates cable twisting. Models 3900 and 3900VP are housed in a molded PPS body, making each sensor virtually indestructible and chemically resistant. Complete encapsulation eliminates leakage or high humidity problems traditionally found in other pH/ORP designs. The simplified construction, designed with user convenience in mind does not require electrolyte (KCl) replenishment or any high maintenance troubleshooting procedures.

Installation is easily achieved through the wide variety of mounting configurations. Both Models feature 1'' and 3⁄4'' inch (MNPT) front facing connections for insertion, submersion, or flow-through pH and ORP applications. Both models are combination sensors (pH, reference, and temperature within sensor body) and measure pH or ORP (Oxidation/Reduction Potential) of aqueous solutions in pipelines, open tanks, or ponds. Models 3900 and 3900VP are suitable for virtually all applications and are compatible with Rosemount Analytical and other manufacturers’ instruments.

SPECIFICATIONS (Models 3900 and 3900VP)
Sensor Type General purpose 3900
Measured Range


ORP: -1500 to +1500 mV

Operating Temperature -10° to 100°C (14° to 212°F) Automatic temperature compensation -10° to 100°C (14° to 212°F)
Maximum Pressure

790 kPa [abs] (100 psig) at 100°C (212°F)

Materials of Construction stainless steel, glass, Teflon®, polyphenylene sulfide (PPS), EPDM and silicone
Materials of ORP


Process Connections

Front facing: 3⁄4˝ and 1˝ MNPT

Rear facing: 1˝ MNPT

Integral Cable

32 ft (10m) cable with integral preamp;

15 ft (4.7m) cable without preamp sensor

VP8 Cable

use 24281-XX, 2.5 ft (.8m) to 100 ft (31m)

Weight/Shipping Weight

0.45 kg/0.9 kg (1 lb/2 lb)

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