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GDS GDS-58NRG/38-017-12/0 (1)
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GDS GDS-58NRG Single Channel Sample Draw System for Gas Measurement with local stainless steel sensor head (for reactive gases, Non Ex/XP) configured for Hydrogen Chloride (HCL) with range 0-30 ppm. Designed for Hazardous Locations used in situations where the installation of a traditional diffusion sensor head is inappropriate. Class I Div 1. Includes 24VDC input and 4-20mA plus 3x 5A alarm relays and RS-485 MODBUS RTU slave interface.

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Remote Sampling Made Easy

The GDS-58NRG sample draw system is designed to accurately measure gas levels in areas with limited accessibility or in situations where harsh environmental conditions make the installation of a standard diffusion sensor difficult or impossible. The GDS-58NRG combines a GASMAX II gas monitor, adjustable flow meter, low flow switch and long life diaphragm pump in a single convenient package.

GASMAX II Gas Monitor

The GASMAX II state-of-the-art gas monitor features a high contrast backlit display that shows real-time gas values and 30 minute trend date. Flashing LEDs draw immediate attention to alarm conditions, and a diffused red/green LED flow indicator shows flow status at a glance. An internal real-time clock and event log time-stamps calibration and alarm events for later review

Optional 3x alarm relays and serial MODBUS port are available in addition to standard 4-20mA output. Jumpers are provided that allow the low-flow warning to interrupt the 4-20mA loop for remote indication of flow fault.

The GDS-58NRG supports any GDS Corp e-chem, 4-20mA or bridge-type sensor for non-reactive gases (See GDS-58GP for reactive gases). An easy-to-use menu- driven operator interface eliminates all analog potentiometers and allows setup and calibration to be completed without hazardous area declassification.

An integrated Run / Calibrate valve and user prompted calibration procedure make routine maintenance and field ‘bump tests’ quick and easy.

Rugged and Reliable

The GDS-58NRG Sample Draw system is designed for installation and use in industrial applications and hazardous areas rated Class I, Div 1. Temperature- compensated sensors and industrial- quality components allow reliable operation and rapid response down to 0°C.

The GDS-58NRG is ideal for sampling toxic or combustible gases in:

  • Sumps and enclosed areas
  • Cabinets or storeroom with limited ventilation or airflow
  • Air conditioning intake or exhaust plenums and ducts
  • Boiler burners and ducting

Power Input: 24VDC +/- 5% at < 10 watts.
Display Backlit 64 x 128 pixel LCD with 30-minute trend
Electrochemical Sensor Option Accepts microamp-level signals from GDS Corp toxic & oxygen deficiency sensors
Bridge Type Sensor Option Provides adjustable excitation voltage for photoionization detectors and catalytic bead sensors
4-20mA Type Sensor Option Supports GDS-IR infrared sensors that output 4-20mA. Includes local magnetic / pushbutton zero-set function
Standard Output Standard 3-wire 4-20mA current source. Max loop R is 750 ohms with nominal 24VDC power supply Bright LED red / green flow status indicator panel. Shows green if flow OK, red if flow blocked.
Wiring Junction Box with Power On indicator, easy-connect wiring terminals, flow fault jumper selection and two 3/4” NPT female connections
Optional Output Three Form C Relays 5A @ 30VDC / 240VAC plus RS-485 2-wire MODBUS® slave interface
Sample Pump 1.6L diaphragm pump with brushless 24VDC motor
NOTE: Pump may not start at temperatures below 0°C
Temp 0°C to +55°C operating
Housing Aluminum housing with epoxy paint
#316 stainless optional
Dimensions 16” x 12” x 5” for sensor types 10 - 70, 10 pounds
16” x 15” x 5” for sensor types 110+, 14 pounds
Stainless steel plate, 21” x 21”, 22 pounds
24” x 24” nonmetallic enclosure, 40 pounds
Inlet / Outlet 1/4” compression, stainless steel
Approvals GASMAX II CSA Certified for Class I, Div 1, Grps B, C, D.
Enclosure rated Class II, Div 2 Grps E, F, G.
Suitable for XP installations2
Warranty 2 years from date of purchase on electronics

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