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Gas leak detectors, analyzers, alarm devices and calibration gas
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  • provides a wide range of industrial gas detection systems including toxic, oxygen and combustibles, truly "state of the art" devices offering unparalleled features and capabilities along with Hazardous Area, Explosion Proof, UL, Atex and CSA certifications at a reasonable price. We also offer gas detection solutions with PLC & SCADA.

  • Our Broad spectrum of skills, experience and hands-on approach ensures the success of Your project
  • We provide specialized products, services or turnkey projects, to suit your needs in
    • Fixed gas detectors.
    • Portable gas detectors.
    • Multi-Point gas controllers.
    • Calibration Gases.
    • Alarm Signal Devices.
    • Installation and commissioning.
    • PLC-based gas detection solutions.
    • Data acquisition and SCADA.

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DRAEGER  4543962


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DRAEGER 4543962
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Draeger Pac 5500 single gas detector for Oxygen (O2) 0-25% Vol. in personal monitoring applications. No lifetime limitation. Vibrating, audible (>90 dB at 30cm) and visual (360° flashing LEDs) alarm. IP65. CE, ATEX, UL, IECEx and GOST Approvals. Class I, II Div 1.


  Availability 5 Days  ]

Ideally suited for personal monitoring applications, the Dräger Pac 5500 provides quick detection of carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulfide or oxygen. Accurate, reliable and easy to use, this small, ergonomic instrument has no lifetime limitation.


Small in size and light in weight, the Dräger Pac 5500 has been developed with the needs of industrial users and applications in mind. Providing easy, single-handed operation, even when wearing gloves, it is designed to withstand the toughest environments. The impact-resistant rubber housing is impervious to corrosive chemi- cals and meets the requirements of IP65 to ensure operation even when projected with water.


The instrument's sensor has been specially positioned to allow gas access at both the top and front so that gas detection is con- tinuous if the unit is placed in a pocket or if a gas inlet is accidentally covered.


Designed for long-term operation, the Dräger Pac 5500 boasts an unlimited lifetime. The battery and the sensor can be easily replaced on-site and without any additional equipment. Also, the dust and water filter on the front of the instrument can be replaced when clogged with dirt or mud.


Incorporating the latest miniature Dräger XXS sensor technology, the Dräger Pac 5500 has been specifically developed for use in personal monitoring and handheld applications. Offering a long, expected lifespan from 5 to 8 years, these innovative sensors combine high performance with a fast reaction time of just ten seconds.


Clear and easy to see, the large liquid crystal display shows both the gas con- centration and the measurement unit. As an option, the instrument can also be configured to display just the type of gas. The concentration is then displayed only when the set alarm levels have been exceeded. Language-free to avoid any misunderstanding, this continuous numeric display can also be back-lit to improve readability in darker environments.

In addition, labels in yellow (hydrogen sulfide) and blue (oxygen) are available to ensure that the instrument can be identified quickly even over a long dis- tance.


In addition to vibrating and audible, multi-tone alarms, the Dräger Pac 5500 issues a clear, 360° visual alarm via bright, flashing LEDs at the top and base of the instrument. Alarm thresholds can be set by the user, and gas alarms include both a pre and main alarm.

Bringing maximum confidence to the user, the instrument will also emit both pre and main alarms before loss of battery power. Should there be a problem with the electronics, the battery or the sensor, the user will receive a clear, immediate fault alarm and display indication. A further “life signal” option, which can be activated and/or disabled to suit specific require- ments, is also available.

Bump tests usually take between 8 and 15 seconds and to ensure that they can be performed quickly and easily, the Dräger Pac 5500 can be used with the Dräger Bump Test Station. This economi- cal unit allows both the instrument and sensor performance to be checked any- where, without the need for additional power. Each successful test is automati- cally stored in the data logger whilst unsuccessful tests render the instrument “out of order”. An optional mobile printer is also available for those applications where hard copies are required.


Most national regulations require users to test equipment against a known gas concentration on a regular basis. Bump tests check that instruments are functioning correctly. Equipped with adjustable bump test and calibration intervals to meet the needs of different applications, the Dräger Pac 5500 displays a warning as soon as a bump test or calibration is required. Should the warning be ignored, the instrument will automatically display an “out of order” error message. As an option, users can also select this same error message to indicate that the calibration interval has expired.

Fresh air calibration is requested within the boot sequence at start up and is easy to perform. Calibration can be carried out in the workshop by docking the instrument to a PC, and an optional automated test and calibration system is also available. The recommended inspection interval for Dräger Pac 5500 is 2 years.


Able to store up to 60 events complete with dates and times, the Dräger Pac 5500 incorporates an IR interface and can be easily linked to a PC via a connecting cradle. As a result, significant events such as switch on/off, gas and battery alarms, error modes, configuration changes, fresh air calibrations and bump tests can also be downloaded, printed and stored.

  • High performance Dräger XXS Sensors
  • No lifetime limitation with simple battery, sensor and filter replacement
  • 8-15 second function test with the Dräger Bump Test Station
  • Optional calibration function after a failed function test
  • Adjustable bump test interval
  • Gas inflow from above and the front
  • Optional high visibility labels for instrument recognition at a distance

Dimensions (W x H x D) 84 x 64 x 25 mm; 3.3 x 2.5 x 1.0 in.
Weight 120 g; 3.8 oz.
Ambient conditions Temperature -30 – 50 °C; -20 – 120 °F
Pressure 700 – 1300 hPa
Humidity 10 – 90 % r. h.
Ingress protection IP 65
Display Language-free LCD display, continuous indication of concentration, notice and alarm functions
Battery life (typical at 25° C) 8 hours of use per day, 1 minute alarm per day:
CO, H2S: > 2 years
O2 : > 12 month
Alarms Visual (360° flashing LEDs at top and bottom), audible (multi-tone >90 dB at 30cm;1ft), vibrating
Instrument life No lifetime limitation
Guaranty 2 years
Event logger Storage of up to 60 events including concentration levels, date and time
Approvals CE-Sign (89/336/EEC, 94/9/EC)
ATEX I/II M 1/1 G EEx ia I/IIC T4
UL: Class I, II Div 1, Group A, B, C, D, E, F, G, Temp. Code T4
cUL: Class I, II Div 1, Group A, B, C, D, E, F, G, Temp. Code T4
IECEx Ex ia II C T4
GOST_51330.0-99 (_60079-0-98); _51330.10-99 (_60079-11-99); _ExiaI / 0ExiaIICT4

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> GAS DETECTORS (PORTABLE) > OXYGEN :    12 Items found.
045-0006-000 (3037) RAE  045-0006-000

ToxiRAE II PGM-1100 Personal Portable Sigle-Gas Monitor For Oxygen 0-30% Vol. (O2). Provides continuos display of the gas concentration, STEL, TWA and peak values. Field repleaceable sensor, filter and battery. IP-65. UL, ATEX, CeMark and IECEx Approved. *** Discontinued replaced by ToxiRAE 3 ***



GA24XT-X19.522.5 (451) BW  GA24XT-X19.522.5

BW GasAlertClip Extreme portable gas detector 2 year maintenance free for Oxygen O2. Low alarm set at 19.5%, High alarm set 22.5% (****phased out****)



GA24XT-X (450) BW  GA24XT-X

BW GasAlertClip Extreme portable gas detector 2 year maintenance free for Oxygen O2. Low alarm set at 19.5%, High alarm set 23.5% (****phased out and replaced by BWC2-X****)



OX-1 (3615) MACURCO  OX-1

MACURCO OX-1 Portable Single Gas Monitor with electrochemical sensor for Oxygen (O2) 0-25% v/v. User freindly and affordable. Compact size and easy to use. Lithium battery. Includes audible, visual and vibrating alarms. LCD Display. IP54. CSA Approved for Class 1 Div 1 Group A, B, C, D, T4A.


$102.33        70-0714-0203-9

BWC2-X (4267) BW  BWC2-X

BW Clip portable gas detector 2 year maintenance free for Oxygen O2. Low alarm set at 19.5%, High alarm set 23.5%. UL approved for Class I Div 1. ATEX, CE, EC and IECEx approved.


$111.15        Replaces GA24XT-X

MP100-O2-25 (6005) MACURCO  MP100-O2-25

Macurco UNI Portable Single Gas Detector for detection of Oxygen (O2) 0-25% or 0-30% vol. Includes large LCD display, 6 Bright Red Flashing LED, Vibrating and 90dB Audible Alarm Port. IP67, Event Logger, UL approval for Class I Div 1.



4543959 (2636) DRAEGER  4543959

Draeger Pac 3500 single gas detector for Oxygen (O2) 0-25% Vol. in industrial applications. Vibrating, audible (>90 dB at 30cm) and visual (360° flashing LEDs) alarm. IP65. CE, ATEX, UL, IECEx and GOST Approvals. Class I, II Div 1.



BWC2R-X (5151) BW  BWC2R-X

BW Clip Real Time portable gas detector with 2 year maintenance free for Oxygen (O2). Configurables Low and high alarm (ppm). One-button operation. Designed for harsh environments and extreme temperatures. Includes a real-time gas level display. IP66 / IP67. UL approved for Class I Div 1. ATEX, CE, EAC Ex and IECEx approved.



10092523 (2650) MSA  10092523

MSA ALTAIR Portable Single-gas Detector for Oxygen, alarms at 19.5% Vol. and 23% Vol. (O2) coupled with LED/audible/vibrating alarms. IP67. Superior dust/water protection, high RFI resistance and one-button operation. Available Certifications: Class 1, Division 1, Groups A, B, C and D. 2 years.



GAXT-X-DL-2 (479) BW  GAXT-X-DL-2

BW GasAlertExtreme Portable detector with gas concentration readout for Oxygen O2 0-30%



10074137 (1638) MSA  10074137

MSA ALTAIR Pro Portable Single-gas Detector for Oxygen (O2) 0-25% Vol. coupled with LED/audible/flashing/vibrating alarms and with clear, backlit LCD displays. IP67. Superior dust/water protection, high RFI resistance and one-button operation. Available Certifications: Class I, Div. 1, Groups A, B, C and D; Class II,Div. 1, Group G. Alarms: Low 19.50%, High 23.00%



8318972 (2638) DRAEGER  8318972

Draeger Pac 7000 small single gas detector for Oxygen (O2) 0-25% Vol. for personal monitoring. TWA and STEL alarms. IP65. CE, ATEX, UL, IECEx, MED and ATEX Approvals. Class I, II Div 1.



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