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IDManufacturerDescriptionRelated Products
920 ACD ACD Calibration Gas Generators Video 510-2000-LT  730-0615-00  
1481 ACD Calibrate and bump test with the ACD Minibump 750-0401-00  
475 AXEL-SEMRAU Axel-Semrau Odor Handy Plus Video 500281-10  500281-30  
1323 BW BW Clip4 Bump Test BWC4-Y-NA  
326 BW Calibrating BW portables with MicroDock II DOCK2-2-1F-00-G  DOCK2-2-1H-00-G  
1177 BW How to Change a Sensor on a BW Gas Detector GAXT-SS  PS-RH04S  
1322 BW Bump Tests BW Clips with the IntelliDoX DX-CLIP  DX-MCLP  
1053 BW BW Clip Hibernation Case BWC2-H5  BWC2-H510  
1052 BW BW Clip single gas detector BWC2-H5  BWC2-H510  
1042 BW BW GasAlertMicroClip XL MCXL-XWHM-Y-NA  MCXL-XWH0-Y-NA  
1366 BW BW GasAlertMicroClip XL Easy Calibration MCXL-XWHM-Y-NA  MCXL-XWH0-Y-NA  
1321 BW IntelliDoX Setup DX-CLIP  
532 CO2METER pSense High Accuracy Portable CO2 Meter Video AZ-0001  AZ-0018  
1069 COOL AIR Cool Air LBW-420 Remote Sensor Field Installation LBW-420-115-SS  LBW-420-RS-50  
260 COOL AIR Calibration of LBW-RLV LBW-50-RLV-115-  
1070 COOL AIR Cool Air LBW-50 Remote Sensor Field Installation LBW-50-115-SS  LBW-50-RS-50  
259 COOL AIR Calibration of LBW-420 LBW-420-115-SS  
258 COOL AIR Calibration of LBW-50 LBW-50-115-SS  
1250 DEFIANT TECHNOLOGIES Defiant Technologies FROG 4000 Product Demo DT-FG4K-1-S48  
1251 DEFIANT TECHNOLOGIES Defiant Technologies FROG 4000 Calibration DT-FG4K-1-S48  
1304 FELIX F-750 Produce Quality Meter Prototype F-750  
1237 FIRERAY Fireray 3000 End-to-End Beam Smoke Detector Installation Video 3000-115  3000-026  
1236 FIRERAY Fireray 3000 Beam Smoke Detector - Light Cancellation Technology (LCT) 3000-115  3000-026  
1461 GAS CLIP Gas Clip MGC Simple Training MGC-S  
318 GASCO Bump It video BUMPIT-135A-025  
213 GDS Smart sensor replacement of a GDS GasMax detector GM/EC-01-15-04  GM/EC-01-16-12  
1262 GDS GDS GASMAX CX Gas Detector Calibration Procedure GMCX-01-10-04/0  GMCX-01-11-06/0  
1263 GDS GDS GASMAX II Gas Detector Calibration Procedure GM/EC-01-15-04  GM/EC-01-16-12  
924 GDS Calibration of a GDS GasMax detector
1324 HONEYWELL ECFX Calibration and Installation EC-FX-100-N  
1363 HONEYWELL Honeywell Touchpoint Plus Alarm Simulation TPPLBDWA2NNNNNN  TPPLEDWA2NNNNNN  
1364 HONEYWELL Honeywell Touchpoint Plus Commissioning TPPLBDWA2NNNNNN  TPPLEDWA2NNNNNN  
1170 MIRAMAR Hydrogen Fluoride Mitigation System HMI -Device Status Screens
1169 MIRAMAR Hydrogen Fluoride Mitigation System HMI -Gas Leak Event
324 MSA Altair Pro single gas portable detectors 10074137  A-ALT-PRO-10076  
1073 MSA MSA ALTAIR 5X Portable Multigas Detector A-ALT5XA000000C  
1072 MSA MSA ALTAIR 4X Portable Multigas Detector with MSA XCell Sensor Technology A-ALT4-XM2ANC00  
1176 PORTAGAS Portagas Portagreen recyclable calibration gas cylinders CYL-10005003  CYL-10217100  
1066 RAE MultiRAE Wireless Portable Gas Monitors and Radiation Monitors C03-0912-003  MAB3-A2C112E-02  
347 ROSEMOUNT Rosemount PERpH-X Sensor Rebuilding 56-02-20-38-HT  56-02-22-38-HT  
346 ROSEMOUNT Rosemount Model 56 Streamlines Instrument Startup 56-02-20-38-HT  56-02-22-38-HT  
1260 SCOTT Protege Multi-Gas Monitor
1038 SPECTREX Spectrex SharpEye 40/40 Flame Detector Series 40/40I-111AC  40/40L_-111AC  
1054 SPECTREX Spectrex Quasar 900 Open Path Gas Detector Alignment and Calibration QR-QT-C111  QT-C111  
1312 UNIPHOS MSA Auer KWIK-DRAW Deluxe Pump 487343  487343  
1329 UNIPHOS UNIPHOS Detector Tubes - ASP-40 Pump Instruction Video SAT-4M  SAA-2  

 Gas Detectors 4-20mA Transmitters with Allen-Bradley ControlLogix PLC ( 10:14 )

Video File KBytes
CalibrationOfGasMax.mp4 4,337
Felix_F-750_ProduceQualityMeter.mp4 30,447
Felix_F-900_PortableEthyleneAnalyzer.mp4 46,660
Felix_F-950_HandheldEthyleneAnalyzer.mp4 24,874
XNXSensorReplacement.mp4 38,275